We work with every single photographers to help them unlock online potential for thier work.

“I am using their services since March 2017 and my immediate payments success rate has been increased by 70%, since then we are providing our customers the secured links to our website and asking them to release the payment very next day of the wedding. Customers are happy with quick delivery too.”
Dinesh Bhargava
Mayur Studio, Jaipur
“Not having online presence was our biggest drawback. Despite being the top studio in the region, we had to prove ourselves by carrying heavy album sets to each meeting with young generation. With PIKPRINT this has changed. Now we meet clients to finalize as the first check is already done on our website and the total online outcome is very positive, we have opted for their Social Media Management plans as well”
Rashid Khan
Studio 2000, Jodhpur
“We are quite tech sevvy and  we already had 2-3 domains online with SEO and AdWords running on each, we took PIKPRINT license on secondary basis, just to check their software and services. But only in six months with more than 220 album uploads, around 11500 soft-copy downloads, It has become our primary tool.”
Sanket Jain
Kumkum Studio, Jaipur
“Being a freelancer and a newcomer in Industry, I was looking for services for website, albums designing / printing etc.. I came to know about PIKPRINT through Kota photographers club, and PIKPRINT was bang on. They not only created a great website for me but also managed my album designing and printing.”
Pawan Chittora
“We were using FTP based ‘Fotosoft’ Uploader for our lab. Since it was the only available solution in the market, they were overpriced and their services were not good. We came across PIKPRINT through their Photojournalism seminar on Nov. 2017, and now from the past six months, we are using their system at our Sikar based Lab. PIKPRINT’s web based and mobile solutions are great for our customers too, they are sending their files from mobile itself.”
Shrikant Beniwal
RK Colour Lab, Sikar
“I was introduced to PIKPRINT by Mumal Studio, Jodhpur. I belong to a small town called Merta, Many of my customers are based in the big cities of Rajasthan, and Photo Selection / portfolio preview are the most difficult task of my job as either I have to travel or wait for my customers to visit. In last one year with around 40,000 uploads I have used  PIKPRINT to deliver 30 weddings”
Ali Taj
Taj Studio, Merta
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    “I liked the concept on very first day when I was introduced to the concept. Since than they have been very prompt in delivering things one after another, very useful.”
    Sunil Rajan
    Divine Events Photogrpahy
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    “I really like the white labeled solution offered by PIKPRINT, they are in true sense working as ‘Photographer’s Backoffice’. It’s amazing to see how easy whole process has become.”
    Mohammad Sharif
    Awarded Photographer