Solution Features

Client Galleries, Cloud Storage, Professional Websites, Downloads, Prints, Albums & Mobile Applications all made streamline in one single product.


Makes Memories Magical For Your Clients And Makes It easier for them to share your good work

Showcase your work to clients on an online white-labelled platform, which lets them share it with thier loved ones and creates a win-win situation for both of you.


Your Work Is Impressive, Show It In The Most Beautiful Way

Our experienced designers will be with you every step of the way to build a website keeping in mind your clientele as well your style of work.


Delight Your Customers, Make Them Your Ambassador

PIKPRINT offers you a chance to make your customers a source to market your brand. Your customer can refer your work to someone directly by your website or your own mobile application.


Win Clients Heart And Space On Their Phone

Target clients on every digital platform, with PIKPRINT you can showcase your work on your website as well as on your own white-labelled mobile apllication.

Secure Storage

All your original files uploaded are backed up with Amazon Web Services.

Password Protection

We understand that clients don’t want their personal data to be accessed by anyone else, hence you can password protect each and every client gallery.

Control Softcopy Downloads

You can restrict the ability to download softcopies, and promote prints to generate more revenues.

No-Right Clicks

Right click protection is enabled by default on every gallery to prevent users from saving your images.

Unlimited Galleries

With PIKPRINT you can create as many client galleries as you want, as long as you are within your storage limit.

Unlimited Traffic

We never put restriction on how many people can view your client galleries. We believe the more the better, as it also helps in making your site popular!

Branded Content

Your business name is populated into the description of every share. This brings your brand everywhere. With PIKPRINT you can also use your PNG Logo as watermark without using any external application.

Mobile Ready

Approx. 70% of your clients will access your website from Mobile, Every PIKPRINT website is designed to work on mobile, tablets and desktop devices.

Collect Leads

With our USER and Order report feature you get all the ‘softcopy download / print order’ client activity on each gallery with their contact details. You can easily use that data to generate leads in future.

Showcase Portfolio

Create your portfolio with unlimited open galleries in 3 simple steps, and it is as easy as ‘copy-paste’ to manage in future.

Engage Users

With a PIKPRINT site you can engage you users in many ways, your customers will have to visit your site to select their images, download, print or even to see their E-albums online. Say good bye to old boring websites.

Never Expires

Your data will stay online as long as you have an active subscription with PIKPRINT, or until you delete it from your end.

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