Client Photo Gallery

Personalised photo gallery for each of your event shoots, tastefully made within seconds.

Online Photo Selection

Break free of the long wait-times when after a shoot your send your clients a DVD or pen-drive of all the photos and they are required to select the photos and send you back.
Create stunning photo-galleries in minutes, share with your clients and get their selection, including individual photo comments, quickly.

Print & Deliver

With PIKPRINT selling photo-prints is easy. You have full control over pricing and your customers pay online using their favourite mode of payment at the time of placing their orders.
Once order is placed we take care of getting them printed and shipping it to them. Our fulfilment charges are very competitive and we reconcile our accounts with you every fortnight.

Digital Downloads

Say no to DVDs or USB drives. Today we have entered the age digital delivery. Allow clients to instantly download their favourite photos by shortlisting them from their photo galleries.
This method of delivery is both quick and secure. They can download high-res and you’re in control of what you charge (or don’t charge).

Mobile Friendly

Online photo galleries can be viewed on-the-go and the view is very mobile friendly. This way your clients can enjoy your work whenever and on whichever device.

* They can even use our Mobile apps listed on App Stores to have an even richer experience.

Discover New Clients

Users viewing your photo galleries can see your profile. Moreover, you can track who orders prints or digital downloads.
This way you can build your potential clientele and find new business.

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